This site was born into existence after many months of thinking about the current state of the church and our culture. An initial outline of possible content was created back in August of 2017, summarizing a variety of thoughts about faith and culture, some going back many years. I wasn’t quite sure how to act upon that outline at the time, so it got placed on the back burner.

Still, the driver behind it never really went away – a desire to help common church folk (like me) go deeper in faith and discipleship, and to then step out in ministries of their own, firmly grounded in the word and truth of God. This desire isn’t necessarily a new thing – I participated in volunteer youth ministry in a church setting for 28 years. But this new focus – geared towards fellow adults in the pews – represents the next phase of that calling.

When it comes to spiritual growth, there are tons of sites and resources out there on the interwebs – so many that it can be incredibly daunting and time-consuming to sort through them, to separate the wheat from the chaff, or to even know where to start. That’s the purpose behind this site – to be a convenient collection of resources for lay people. For many years of my professional life, I was paid to do research, and in the process I got pretty good at sifting through large amounts of data and summarizing the most relevant findings.

The world seems to be growing darker, angrier, and more hopeless. The Judeo-Christian teachings that informed a more widespread, “nominal” Christianity – which under-girded Western culture for several centuries – have been increasingly rejected. An increasing number of folks who identify as Christian, and even whole churches, are trading Biblical orthodoxy for cultural acceptance. (This trading of God’s truth for the popular ideas – and idols – of the day happened over and over again among God’s people in the Old Testament, including the religious leaders). Those who continue to hold to orthodox belief will increasingly be unpopular, unwelcome, and ostracized.

But fear not! From the standpoint of eternity, these are exciting times! If we believe that God is sovereign and all-knowing, then we are here, now, for a reason. We were born for these times. We have the opportunity to be a haven of truth, and light, and love as the falsehoods that so many are embracing inevitably leave them cold and empty. As we do so, we shouldn’t just rely on our pastors to equip us. We’re all called to take initiative for our own spiritual growth. We’re called to be co-laborers with our pastors, and with Christ (1 Cor. 3:9).

In order to help shine the light of hope, and to withstand the opposition that is likely coming, we’ll need to have deep roots, and to drink deeply from the well of God’s word and His truth. (The original working title for my initial outline in 2017 was “Rooted To Bless”). It’s my hope and prayer that the information and resources curated here on this site will help you to do just that.


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